The ‘First’ Birthday Cake

 birthday party cake

The First Birthday Cake


Originally, based on the old idea of the cheese and pineapple party piece, sweetcakes started ten years ago.  When one of our children requested that I bake her a birthday cake, a rather innocent and normal request. My problem was that baking was well, let’s just say was not my greatest skill set. So with panic setting in fast, and the birthday the very next day, I had to come up with a way of staying away from an oven, but hanging on to the love of a very young child, who had no idea of the cooking inadequacies of her mother 😉

Rather surprisingly, I came up with a concept that would keep me, and others, busy for years to come – the sweetcake.  Starting from that very first birthday cake made of pick and mix sweets, by word of mouth, and recommendation,  then moving on to magazines including us in their articles , then supplying shop outlets all around  Canterbury Kent and now online, we’ve slowly grown from that first cake, to being involved in hundreds of people’s celebrations. From birthdays, baby showers, weddings, retirements, anniversaries and in fact, all sorts of celebrations. Still our core aim is to make the recipient of the cake feel the same joy each time we supply one of SweetStuff party cakes made from pick and mix sweets. We feel if we maintain this high quality ethos, working from our base in Canterbury Kent our customers return time and time again which means my team and I will keep working. After all, without keeping you all happy SweetStuff couldn’t continue doing what we love to do 🙂

The 'First' Birthday Cake

The ‘First’ Birthday Cake

The 'First' Birthday Cake from sweetstuff

Including all your favorite pick and mix sweets

  • Haribo
  • Kingsway
  • Vimto
  • Barratts
  • Fun time
  •  Juicee gummee
  • Buddies
  • and many more………


What people say

Vish . . . . The first Sweet Cake makers and still the BEST .  We’ve had them for all ages in my family – my toddler my teenagers and my wife.  Sweet Stuff make them with the persons’  taste in mind . . .and wow so many sweets  . . . Canterbury Kent

Marie C  . . . .  Best Birthday Cakes made of pick and mix sweets.  I was looking for something different and am so happy that Sweet Stuff came up in my search  Will never look back – and Sweet Stuff I will be back. . . . . . Herne Bay Kent

Lyndsey T S . . . . Your Sweetie party Cakes were ‘the icing on our cake’ for our Easter gathering. There were 28 of us and whilst there was a lot of chocolate around, your cakes were totally ‘wow’ and everyone loved them. I don’t know how you include so many sweets in them. .it amazes me how many there are inside and the quality, quantity and attention to detail that goes into your pick and mix creations.
Thank you ..we’re very happy customers! . . . .Canterbury Kent 

 katie……What a fantastic idea for a birthday cake, no more sponge for me…I’m a sweetcake convert……..Bridge canterbury kent