Sweetcake made from gluten free sweetsSweetcake made from gluten free sweets

A gluten free  diet is a diet that excludes Gluten, a protein composite found in Wheat and related grains, including Barley and Rye.

It’s bad enough to discover your body does not tolerate Gluten – and then you need to become an expert in foods that do not contain Wheat, Barley or Rye.

So you do your research – Then you start to follow  a gluten free diet – only to find that your ‘free from’ substitute is a far cry from the ‘real’ thing !!!  Especially Cake !!

BUT did you know that many of your favourite sweets are Gluten free ???

The same tasty sweets that everyone else enjoys – with no tweaking or adjusting 🙂

We at Sweet Stuff are able to create a special Birthday Cake or Celebration Cake – completely of gluten free sweets – gluten free – to enjoy alongside everyone else  . . . or not – depending on if you would like to share or keep such a delight to yourself 🙂 

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