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Pick and mix Double Number sweet Cake



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Pick and mix Double number sweet cake


These pick and mix double number birthday cakes made completely of sweets have proved to be very popular over the years.  They are not for just the young . . . . only for the young at heart 🙂  We supplied so many Birthdays with numbered sweet cakes – the youngest one being 1 and the oldest one was  a ‘101’  We made sure there were plenty of sweet false teeth included in that one!

A great sweet gift not just for Birthdays – What better Anniversary gift can you buy – that you get to share too 🙂


A cake made entirely of sweets :)  What better than an arrangement of sweets – with a little love and affection added ? This pick and mix Double number sweet cake contains a vast variety of pick and mix sweets including

  • White mice
  • Flying Saucers
  • Marshmallow
  • Haribo Strawbs
  • Haribo Eggs
  • Haribo Rings
  • Vimto straps
  • and so much more.



Vimto fizzy straps, Marshmallow twists, Fun time mallow strawberries, Barrat jelly babies, Haribo friendship rings, Flying saucers, White mice, Haribo strawbs, Fun time mugs, Foam bananas, Haribo teddies, Haribo eggs, Barratts shrimps, cola bottles, cherry cola bottles, Haribo stars, Blue raspberries, Fruit salads,



pick and mix sweet cake

They are supplied wrapped in cellophane and decorated with co-ordinated ribbon


pick and mix sweet cake

Example of a pink double number


pick and mix sweet cake

Example of multi double number

pick and mix sweet cake

Example of multi double number

50th birthday cake

50th birthday cake


” Why always save the best ’til last

With this cake you’ll see it go fast

No fruit or sponge crumbs to make

Delicious sweets make up this cake”

What people say

My Dad has always loved pick & mix sweets so as soon as I saw these, I knew I had to get him one – for all those lifts and ‘dad jobs’ over the years – and the best bit of all is that I got to share it too   Thanks Sweet Stuff  Brilliant !!  Sally Watson  London