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Pick and mix beer glass cake

Popular for the man in your life.  This beer glass cake any man would appreciate  getting. Packed full of all the best Pick and Mix sweets,  a really sweet treat for a special person This Beer glass cake made completely of sweets contains a vast variety of sweets including

  • White mice
  • Flying Saucers
  • Marshmallow
  • Haribo Strawbs
  • Haribo Eggs
  • Haribo love hearts
  • Haribo Rings
  • Jelly babies
  • Shrimps
  • and so much more..



Vimto fizzy straps, Marshmallow twists, Fun time mallow strawberries, Barrat jelly babies, Haribo friendship rings, Flying saucers, White mice, Haribo strawbs, Fun time mugs, Foam bananas, Haribo teddies, Haribo eggs, Barratts shrimps, cola bottles, cherry cola bottles, Haribo stars, Blue raspberries, Fruit salads,

” Why always save the best ’til last

With this cake you’ll see it go fast

No fruit or sponge crumbs to make

Delicious sweets make up this cake”

sweet cakes

sweet cakes

what people say……


 Morny………Thank you so much my son was over the moon with his beer glass cake as were all his mates …………  Herne Bay

Tom…………Had this sent to my best friend, and he hasn’t stopped raving about it,  a great gift i’ll be back again…..Whitstable

Jenny…… Swalecliffe Thank you so much for the sweetcake couldn’t think of a new cake idea this year, and to say my son was pleased is an understatement ,Thank you so much !!!!

Tim……….Brought this wonderful pick and mix sweets cake for a family reunion and i’m so glad i did, it seemed a very useful icebreaker,  by the time we had stopped laughing and reminiscing over the sweets of our childhood every one was a lot more relaxed,  thank you sweetstuff.


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