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Heart sweetcakes

We’ve all heard the phrase ‘Say it with flowers’ . . . How about . . . ‘Say it with a sweets’ ?

Heart sweetcakes made entirely of sweets 🙂  What can show  your love better than an arrangement of sweets -with a little love and affection added ?

The perfect gift for that someone you really care for.  They come in four sizes from 15cm for the special couple to share to the 30cm heart cake for a larger occasion.

‘Say it with sweets’ . . . . It could catch on  🙂

Heart shaped sweetcakes contains a vast variety of sweets including

  • White mice
  • Shrimps
  • Vimto Straps
  • Flying Saucers
  • Marshmallow
  • Haribo Strawbs
  • Haribo Eggs
  • Haribo Rings
  • Fruit salads

And so much more..


Vimto fizzy straps, Marshmallow twists, Fun time mallow strawberries, Barrat jelly babies, Haribo friendship rings, Flying saucers, White mice, Haribo strawbs, Fun time mugs, Foam bananas, Haribo teddies, Haribo eggs, Barratts shrimps, cola bottles, cherry cola bottles, Haribo stars, Blue raspberries, Fruit salads,


The Pink coloured Heart sweetcake is topped with mostly pink and red sweets but don’t worry, lots of your favourite sweets will be inside waiting to be found!

The Multi coloured Heart sweetcake is topped multi coloured, but don’t worry,  your favourite pink sweets will be inside waiting to be found!

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sweet cakes


Heart sweetcake

Pink heart sweet cake


Using only the best sweets