Haribo sweets 

Hans Riegel, born in 1893 in Friesdorf near Bonn and trained as a confectioner  after he left school. He worked for Kleutgen & Meier for five years.

A while after the first world war; Hans Riegel became a partner in a company heinen in boun-kessenich, not long after this, he started a company of his own. His starting capital was next to nothing, from a small kitchen he grew the now famous haribo sweets brand.

What a story!!!!!! but of course has nothing to do with why we try and use lots of Haribo in our ‘cakes’, the simple truth is they taste soooo good !!!!

From the giant strawbs, eggs, rings teddies, heart throbs, and as you all know, the list of great sweets go on and on.  Haribo sweets stick to great natural ingredients and this combined with the highest quality standards, is why they really are the king of all sweet brands


haribo eggs HariboHaribo


So if you love the Haribo sweets, you’re going to love our cakes, made of pick and mix sweets. We use all the favourite Haribo sweets, and of course include lots of other brands to really give our Sweetstuff customers the very best variety of tastes .

We know no-one else takes so much care, to try and include as many different sorts of sweets in their sweet cakes We give you Haribo and then the best of the rest. Once you’ve had a Sweetstuff sweetcake you’ll never go anywhere else .

What people say

Emma . . . .Morning sweetstuff !! Just like to say the ”sweet cake” was a huge success I will be  be ordering again  . . . . Canterbury Kent

Kellie . . . . Thank you so much for the sorry cake,  you are the best sweet cake makers around.  My friends are still talk about it  Thank You Sweet Stuff   . . . . Wingham Kent

Jill…….WE took this to a friends party, and was a big hit with everyone ,  a great cake with a difference…i’ll be back again.