Amazing Cakes

Its always been great to hear the fabulous feedback our customers have given us, over the years we have been creating our sweetcakes, made of pick and mix sweets. Amazing cakes is possibly one of the best titled emails we receive from our customers, and reviews like amazing cakes means one thing to us, that is we must be getting things right. With a vast amount of designs to choose from, including rounds, numbers, stars and themed sweetcakes, there’s sure to beAmazing Cakes a price to suit any budget or size party. So if you’re looking for something a little different for you and your guests to enjoy at that special celebration, SweetStuff will create one of our stunning sweetcakes made of pick and sweets.  Please take a look around our website where you can easily choose the design, colour and even your preferred sweet mix for your very own personalized sweetcake.

As soon as we receive your order, we will carefully start to create your very own amazing cake , package it and have it delivered straight to your door ready for your celebration.


Open eat and share all those favourite sweets !!!!!!!!

 Why always save the best ’til last

With this cake you’ll see it go fast

No fruit or sponge crumbs to make

Delicious sweets make up this cake”

Amazing Cakes

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