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About Sweet Stuff - Established in 2003

Party sweet cakes made from pick and mix sweets

Birthdays, baby showers, weddings, retirements, Christenings, anniversaries and in fact, all sorts of celebrations. Sweet Cakes in Canterbury KENT

Ten years ago, just for fun
We made a sweetie birthday cake, our first one
Our kids said "great that was so yum"
And the grown ups said "make another one"
Our friends just wanted more and more
Soon we delivered them to your door
Some were large and some were small
Some for weddings three feet tall
Pink ones, green ones, squishy ones too
Even Smurf ones that were blue
And now we’re ten years further on
But the fun and magic hasn't gone
We built a room just full of sweets
For growing demands we had to meet
We make them for Valentines, we make them for Easter
We make them for pupils, we make them for teachers
It hasn't been easy, but it has been great fun
Carefully crafting every one
And filling them full of the things people like
Like love and magic and Halloween frights
If you have someone special to treat
Send them a cake made completely of pick and mix sweets.